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It has always been a pleasure to work with you.


Suyog realized Jared was up to something.

One rainy morning I woke up to find myself famous.

How would you know that?

Brent isn't doing this to me again.

Caution! Wet floor.

Do you really trust them?

A man came to see him.

I want you to have a definite plan before you leave.

We're firing you.

I heard the song sung in Italian.

Up flew the bright sparks in myriads as the logs were stirred, and the deep red blaze sent forth a rich glow, that penetrated into the furthest corner of the room, and cast its cheerful tint on every face.

I don't trust you anymore.

I made an appointment to see the doctor at four o'clock.

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Daren denies that he broke the window.

He who only has a hammer in his toolbox sees all problems as nails.

Unemployment has dipped to just under 6% in the last month

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I want to travel this summer, but I don't know where to go.

He is a man of few wants.

Does he have his own house in Japan?

Your banking "product" is a matrix full of arbitrary formulae.

Pilot spoke Japanese slowly.

Don't get all bent out of shape over little things. A short temper can make you poor.

I must start no matter how heavily it snows.

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They both have a diamond credit card.

He was promoted to the position of school principal.

Pull yourself together and stop crying.

This cat is unlucky.

London has been fun.


I will do anything I can do for her.

The divers found a wreck on the sea-bed.

Will you make it in time?

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He really wants to meet you.


You're stronger today.

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I had to protect Lynn from Sri.

He lost his eyesight in the accident.

I think Jiri is inflexible.

Do you want me to put this on the table?

Your wife teaches me Italian.


There's nothing I can do but give up the idea of going abroad.

Wow, you're on the front page!

Who attacked you?

You should care about every moment of your life, so that you need not be ashamed for your past deeds.

Do you recognize this T-shirt?


Have you ever driven stickshift?

I work out every other day.

I needed you.

I was going to get myself a snack.

Ted doesn't tell jokes.


How's the breakfast at McDonald's?


She's beating cancer.


They have watched TV serials this evening.

We must prevent a war by all possible means.

His opposition was more violent than he had bargained for.

What were they arguing about?

The candy I had in my bag went mushy in the heat.

Is Celeste going to jail?

I'd like to talk to them.

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Mastering English is difficult.

I'd like to ask Ronald about that myself.

We're humming.

Long hair is out of fashion.

Selena Gomez is of Mexican and Italian ancestry.

I think there are probably few Japanese who know this side of the Emperor Meiji, the side that left a song like this.

Norma's body was found by fishemen floating adrift in the sea.


Perry came to my office today.

What a nice tie!

She has gone to the swimming pool.

If you have anything to translate into Berber, ask Amastan.

Jagath caught a glimpse of the driver as the train raced past.

Ben thinks I'm too young.

I hate unfinished business.

I never saw so big a whale.

He lived a life full of worries.

I did not write that.

Ichiro sounded somehow upset but my long years of hanging out with him told me that it was out and out fake.


The probability to win is 0.001%.

Jonathan was shocked by what Leila said.

He set up a new home in Jamaica.

I have to get dressed now.

I waste a lot of time daydreaming.

Why don't you go with us?

I just dropped in.

Ask Tammy about it when he gets here.

Amarth likes chocolate.


This is an epic poem.

Sue is making a list.

Is this your book, Mike?

I can get it from them.

Mum, what is the address of Father Christmas? I would like to send him a letter.


The doctor received encouraging results from the study of the new drug on impotent mice.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?

So far as I am concerned, I am not against his plan.

Petroleum was replacing coal as fuel.

My shoes are old, while his are new.

I didn't know you believed in ghosts.

I remember seeing her before.

He went on working without a break last night.

"How are you?" "Fine, thanks."


Sometimes everything goes wrong.

I'd been glad to receive some advice.

It will rain tomorrow.

Roberta and I are Mohammad's classmates.

Ph.D. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase - philosophiae doctoratum.

You don't like me very much, do you?

Can you take notes for me during the professor's talk?

Don't let them cross the street.

The aisle to reach the exit is very narrow.

Think about pay day.

I think I know how to find him.

Speak more slowly!

The photo on my passport is very recent.

Bread and butter are my usual breakfast.

Why do you take that medicine?


I thought you wanted this job.

We have to eat.

It's all right!

Satan's ghost awakes.

I have something urgent to attend to.

The director reprimanded you.

Rabin agreed to accept Toufic's offer.

Boys are fond of mischief.

I haven't seen one of those in Boston yet.


You're the one who told me to do this.

Are you related to me?

He was very tired by hard work.

Athens is in Greece.

She gave an address of welcome.

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Wes has to go to the hospital.


He eyed her suspiciously.

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I have no intention of resigning.


It's impossible to tell what she really believes.

He is the right man for the job.

Have you guys seen her today?


Why not ask her?

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Why do you want to make your boyfriend jealous?

A saint's maid quotes Latin.

We've been here a while.

Believe it or not, that is true.

You'll know soon.

Johann was carrying his snowboard under his arm.

Are their wives permitted to see them?

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He is more shy than timid.


Why are we doing that?

Why were they here?

Where did you hide my passport?

Alfred did the same thing that Bucky did.

I want him brought here now.

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Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Great men are like eagles, and build their nest on some lofty solitude.

I didn't know how to answer his question.


They won't talk.

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Call me if you find him.

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Your sense of humor is beginning to exert itself.

That is how he always treats me.

I sleep in my room.

You may invite whomever you like.

We've got to hurry. Mr Itoh will call the roll.


Kay is as healthy as ever.


Art realized that Ernie wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.


Do you have to go?

Marco has a funny way of laughing, doesn't he?

I was up all night getting harassed.